How Much Should A Single Person Spend On Food A Month?

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How cheap can you live? Your grocery budget can have a large impact on your opportunities to do the things in life that you really want to do.

Especially if you don't know to keep your grocery budget. In order to help you to have more money for the fun stuff in life, we will take a look at how much a single person should spend on food a month.

Food budget for a single person

Data from Danish banks show that singles on average spend 6.000 kr. more a year on groceries and 8.000 kr. more on eating out than couples do.

On average a Danish single spends 36.000 kr. (4.829 Euros) on groceries every year, while Danish couples on average spends 30.000 kr.

By this standard a single person spends 3.000 kr. a month on food. 

The numbers can be har to apply to other countries. In America the monthly food budget for a single person is suggested to be 251 dollars - equivalent to 1.668 kr. Yes, almost half of what the monthly food budget would be for a single person in Denmark.

The differences does not end here. In America the suggested monthly food budget for a couple would be 553 dollars, which is more than double of what a single person would have to spend. When comparing to Denmark there are some kind of economy of scale, that does not suit the American couples as well as it does the Danish couples, who by the data given by the Danish bank Spar Nord to DR1, spends less on food than the averge Danish single does.

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