How Much Should A Family Of 4 Spend On Groceries A Month? -

Are you worried that you're spending to much on groceries each month?
This blog will answer your question and help you save some money on groceries as well,
so keep reading. 

According to the USDA Food Plans, you should only spend bwtween approximately $585 - $1.339 on groceries each month,

based on a family of four. You can get more detailed information on The USDA Food Plan's website

How to save money on groceries

  • Start a meal plan

    This will not only save you money on groceries, but also makes it easier for you buy groceries,

    since you already know what meal to prep for.

    Try to buy ingredients, that are seasonal and can be used in the other meals as well.

  • Meal prep

    Meal prepping is a great idea. It does'nt comsume much time

    you can put the meals in the freezer, and eat it if it's necesssary instead of ordering pizzas.
  • Stick to the shoppinglist!

    Rule no: 1. Don't ever go shopping groceries on an empty stomach. 

    The hunger will make you crave moe and eventually you'll end up doing a lot of pulsive shopping.

  • Buy in bulk, if possible

    If you have storage for it, I'll difintely recommend you to buy in bulk

    Especially food like: rice, pasta, beans and flour can be stored for a long time,

    and often comes in bulks cheapely.

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